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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 17, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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members spent that time towing it back here to peer 80 which is the team headquarters. what you are looking at is not the boat which crashed but the boat in question, still in the water here at team headquarters, it has not been lifted out of the water. the $8 million cata moran capsized and it happened during a training run. 11 members all escaped without serious injury. this is the boat which was sent out to bring it the boat that crashed. it took hours to tow back in. a swift current is what caused this boat to flip. the skipper on board told us they were thrown directly into the water. >> the most important thing is to try to hold on and not let go when something like that
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happens. you know it was great to see the guys do all the right things afterwards. they look out for one another. get each other off the boat. and they are really trying and salvaging the boat. >> the main mast was destroyed during yesterday's accident. we will have to wait and see what other damage was done and that will happen at sunrise. i did speak with a spokesperson for oracle and she told me the boat will be repaired although they do have a second boat. oracle is promising they will bounce back and still win america's cup next year here in san francisco. all level savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:02, in overnight news, high-speed chase ends with an alleged carjacker and a
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crash. now the suspect was injured when a car he was in smashed into a tree in pittsburgh. that tree stopped the car from crashing into a restaurant. the suspect was wanted after reportedly stealing a car from antioch last night. it happened on west 10th and g street. well the disappearance of a man is now being investigated. here to tell us what we now know about when he was last seen. here is more. for weeks it has been considered a missing person's case and authorities are calling this a homicide. they say they found the body of eric dean garcia in the santa cruz mountains and his family has just been alerted yesterday. he left a party in san jose on his motorcycle but never
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returned. that harley davidson is still not accounted for. their family thanked everybody for their support but when it comes to justice they will never give up. anybody with information on this case is asked to contact police. live in rubin ktvu channel 2 morning news. president barack obama although it is back out on the campaign trail after their feisty debate last night... >> it is not going to be like the last four years. middle-class has been crushed over the last four years. >> the tense exchange over the deadly attack in libya. >> here in the college they gathered to watch. >> i have always been a supporter of president barack obama. >> i do think he nailed obama on certain points in this
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election and he nailed him really well. >> for many students, this is their first presidential election. they are offering photo ids for undocumented immigrants. they gave the i.d. to start taking information for programs. this will make it easier for violation laws to be violated. still the shooting of aboarder patrol act is under investigation -- agent is under investigation. it happened yesterday afternoon. a man driving a van with washington state license plates shot the border agent in her booth then he killed himself. that border crossing was closed for several hours after the shooting and they still don't know why the gunman attacked
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the agent. they have cleared the man with a shooting death. the officer was justified because he threatened officers with a gun. the report said an autopsy found high levels of cocaine and he shot him just days before. the brain is temporarily closing. cal trans will shut down the span for the weekend. they plan to fix a cracked beam and complete some seismic work. it is set to reopen monday morning at 5:00. the bridge will be closed next weekend as well for the same reason. >> sal, you are watching the east shore too, right?
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>> yes, sir, good morning pam and dave again as dave had mentioned as you head out to the mcarthur and teach said it might rain next week. we will be the traffic and weather brothers. that traffic looks good getting into san francisco, no major problems. also in san jose, northbound 101, they are all off to a good start. hello steve. it is 76 miles to chicago, we have a full tank of gas. mostly cloudy, partly sunny skies, it looks like 72 degrees and maybe some thunder showers activity. there are a few showers popping up already into missouri.
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clear skies and temperatures will be warm, it is dry and there is a north wind in place and that means certainly some of the higher elevations are out in the valley. i think today is the warmest day and we'll see that making a dive. 70 warm degrees in fairfield. 64 in antioch. the coolest at 52 and we don't always see that. out in stockton sacramento, there is 13 out at vacaville, a little bit of a breeze kicking in and the breeze makes temperatures look warmer and things are rather on the calm side but the northerly winds in place, 25 to 30 miles per hour up around 3,000 feet. sunny warm to hot. near 90 inland. temperatures 70s and 80s, so sunshine, it will be warmer for all. this is the warmest day of the
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week. that wind turns westerly and temperatures drop off the table by sunday and monday. a controversial sign with a noose and a message, why the creator said his message is in support of the commander and chief. news about why they should stay passed that 2010 deadline. they are moving up to the up until, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪
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. he allegedly attacked a woman after being out drinking all night. the defense minister said he
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will issue a formal protest to the u.s. government. several have been accused of assault since the 1990s. president barack obama and mitt romney are back on the campaign trail after their tense debate in new york. here is more on how president barack obama delivered a far more aggressive performance this time around, allison? >> reporter: you know pam, president barack obama dropped in the polls so he clearly showed up last night to try to revive his campaign. the two candidates hit a range of issues and left no attack unanswered. one of the most tense moments was when he referred to the benghazi attack as an act of terror the morning after it happened. >> the day after the attack governor, i stood in the rose garden, and i told the american people and the world we were going to find out eggs actually
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-- exactly what happened and that this was an act of terror. >> it took 14 days before he told the american people it was an act of terror. >> get the transfer. >> he saw he exceeded expectations, a closer look at who they thought won the debate during my next update, allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. on our website, just look for the debate tab right on our front page. a homemade political sign is causing some controversy. from a distance you can only read the large print which says hang obama and you can see the outline of a noose. it makes people think of lynchings. he said it was never his intention and he is a supporter. >> if you actually read it, it
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is like, up the fight. but with the noose, it doesn't exactly say keep up the fight all at the same time. >> it was just my attitude. everybody is picking on obama and it is the attitude of hang in there buddy t- not over until you are done kicking. >> he said this type of imagery is inappropriate. and last night's member more crawl service from colorado is for 10-year-old jessica ridgway. 2000 mourners remembered the young girl whose body was found last friday. she was abducted on her way to school. they are accused in the death of a young hollister murder. heather carol died of blunt
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force trauma. now on saturday, her body was found inside the home of a family friend following a police standoff. he said she died after they had an argument when she was first reported missing. bail has been set at $1.5 million. administrators are racing to keep the school's accreditation. they have filed an action plan detailing proposed improvements. the school plans on cutting costs by closing 3 satellite facilities, and reducing staff. >> we do have some breaking news regarding cyclist, lance armstrong. he announced he is stepping down from his charity. he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the foundation. he wants them to focus on charity work rather than
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getting bogged down from recent doping use. levi was dropped by the cycling team yesterday. he is also suspended from cycling for six months. he confessed to doping as part of what happened during armstrong's career. from the nhl season labor talks get back underway. the players union will take a look and respond to the league soon. 5:17 is the time right now, let's check back in with sal. there was some construction, is it cleared up. >> yes, a lot of it is picked up and starts to be picked up at about 5:00 just because we
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get started so early these days. let's look at the pictures we have for you. it looks good as you are driving through and there are no major problems getting up to the tunnel. also the morning commute looks good getting into the city. if you are driving this morning in san jose, they are closing up some road work in fact it is gone, northbound 280 traffic does look good. skies are clears. and especially with some of the higher elevations, we don't have to deal with fog, 80s and warm to hot this afternoon, 70 to 92 degrees and we have a fire weather warning out where the wind has been picking up. eastern sol land county, you can see stockton and that's when we are getting gusts. let's have a baseball game today. they are dealing with a lost cloud cover. it looks like most of it is
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tracking but the forecast is partly sunny skies to mostly cloudy skies and a possibility of some showers. let's see if things continue to track but it will be close. we have clear skies and temperatures will be on their way up fast. it is warm for some already with that north wind and today should be almost as warm but we are starting to take that top off a big cooling trend and yes the possibility of rain monday and tuesday. you see that northwest wind and at vacaville. a lot of breezy conditions but everything says sunshine and warmer weather today in fact 70s and 80s and 90s coast and bay and inland. windy to hot, near 90 inland and in fact many locations will
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be 70s to 90s. tomorrow about the same, but cooler weather kicks in friday and much cooler weather as we go into the weekend. international markets surged overnight. nikkei was up more than a percent. european markets are up as well. economists are optimistic and they believe it will keep them from further dragging down the economy. good strong corporate earnings for a couple of companies that were a bit of a surprise but after the close, a couple of disappointing ones, nasdaq and s&p 500 and futures indicate a slightly higher opening this morning. target will match the online prices of some of its cheap competitors. they will match items sold on
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the website, amazon, best buy and toys-r-us. it is rare for brick and mortar stores to rearrange prices. speaking of sticker shock, the city has one of the most expensive zip codes in the nation. >> we will tell you just how big the reward is for a dog that was stolen in san francisco. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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. welcome back. a reward is being offered for a ten-week-old terroir mix. there she is from the spca, little violet was spayed a few weeks ago, she needs to be watched incase she has complications and she also needs more vaccinations. we want to warn you, a dog that became an international hero. she lost her snout and upper
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jaw when she threw herself in the path of a motorcycle to protect two young girls who were walking in the street. last week they planned to close the wound but they are now delaying the procedure to treat a cancerous opportunitier and round warms in her heart. >> we would like to do that so she has the best chance of doing well under anesthesia. donation have come in from dog lovers in 20 countries. >> we plan to have a new chick fillet, the city council may block the sight for west roy you' all. they say -- royal. they say the company could resubmit plans for a new restaurant which does not include a drive through.
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well, an of a influence -- afternoon county is ranked as the upper east side. the marin county city of belvedere is not far behind in the average price 3.9 million. the other cities include kent field and others. chloe kardashian and mario lopez willco host the sinking competition. they will join didn't my love separate dough and other singers. by the way, kardashian and lopez will make their debutes
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november 1. let's go to sal, sal? let's look at our commute. the commute looks pretty good so far, we don't have a lot going on. northbound 280 traffic, the last few days we have seen a slow traffic all over the place so if you want to get on, right is a great time 680 on the sunole grade let's go to steve. >> well, we have a fire weather warning. temperatures today will be warming up 70s 80s and 90s. >> they angered a lot of san francisco giants fans and we have a health report on marco scutaro and his joke he made about the cardinals player who hurt him.
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vigilantes plan for the one year occupied movement in oakland.
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. well, good morning to you, welcome back, it is wednesday, october 17th. >> steve says it is going to be warmer than yesterday, what about the beach? >> no fog out there, you can go, pam.
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>> okay, good >> because next week it will be cloudy with rain, but not today or tomorrow. 70s, 80s and 90s and we will have more on the valley and higher elevations in about five minutes. here is sal. this morning san mateo bridge looks good heading out to the high-rise, it is 5:30 let's go back to the desk. new this morning, they are investigating controversial flyers encouraging violence with occupied protesters. tara moriarty is live from downtown oakland and all of this is coming as the one year anniversary approaches for occupied. >> reporter: this year vigilantes can make it worse if they get their way. this is the scene from last
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year and this week it happened actually this weekend and a fire actually started circulating downtown urging people to bring bats to the anniversary protest. now these bats are not to smashup windows but the fire called on people to stand up and defend their city. nobody has taken responsibility for the fire. it claims to be from a group called doom and they believe it is stirring up some bad memories when some hells angels beat some people up near the border. they are calling them an extremist and will we see this, probably not. since the occupied movement has fractured and no longer has the support that it did back then.
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live in oakland tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, we are learning more this morning about a man found dead in the santa cruz mountains over the weekend. ann rubin joins us to explain why authorities are investigating the deaths of a homicide, ann? >> reporter: well he had been missing since september 18th. now he has recovered the body of the missing person. an autopsy monday confirmed garcia had been the victim of a homicide. he was last seen leaving on his motorcycle. they held a vigil describing him as an upbeat guy with lots of friends. they have now released a statement saying when it comes to justice they had never give
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up. anybody with information is asked to call police. ann rubin ktvu channel 2 morning news. a morgan hill mother -- morgan hill mother is accused of abandoning her daughter at a safe way. marcy said she left her daughter in the store with her boyfriend and broke up with him when she found out the child had been left behind. she also said she was not taking her medication when the incident occurred last month. second pace man, marco scutaro suffered a left hip contusion after he was crashed into right there. however, he took patting practice and he said he may
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pete him up if he tries to talk to him. >> it is interesting to see him coming out of the game and we were all worried about him. >> bruce bochy says they are focused on winning not retaliation. you can watch game three and our coverage begins at 12:30, the first pitch is scheduled for 1:07. whoever wins will be playing the detroit tigers. they will take an almost inn is your moundable three games and move on to the world series. cc sabathia, he will be on the morning news at 4:30. the bodies of five people were found inside a bar and grill
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early this morning. in a news conference, investigators say the men and women suffered from some sort of trauma. this is happening in denver and the fire is being investigated as arson. former california lieutenant governor will be laid to rest this afternoon. he died at the age of 86. his health had been on the decline. he was the first african- american to serve in the senate and as the lieutenant governor. governor governor jerry brown will be among the state leaders to honor him today. hundreds turned out to honor kief -- chris stevens' life. they will deliver billions of dollars to california
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schools. proposition 38 is funded almost entirely by molly hunger. it raises taxes for four years and it will be for those who earn more than ever $0,000. prop 38 will raise $10 billion a year. >> 38, those two things that are very important, it raises 8 times more money for schools than 30 and all that new money for schools goes directly for cool on a bases. they say it will we ate budget hole making it worse before it gets better. and you will find all the
5:37 am
latest election headlines, go for the news drop down menu. >> right now i want to look at the commute, sal? all right, pam, dave, we are doing well starting off and northbound 101, as you approach the 880 split and there is no trouble coming in, there is just a little bit of a back up. usually the metering lights are on. this is a look at the san jose area and i am happy to tell you, we are off to a decent start. there are some thunderstorms in the area, the cloud cover looks like it is tracking north of st. louis. you can see that cloud cover and some of the rain off to the
5:38 am
west. for us our forecast weather will be warm to hot. in fact temperatures 80s to 90s for many. again this is out towards vacaville, stockton, eastern solano and because there is a northerly hour. on mt. diablo some of the pay area hills. 60s and 70s and it is still on the cloudy side, enjoy the sunshine or get to the beach while you did because big changes are and coming next week but today we are talking about sunshine and warmer weather, 70s, 80s and 90s.
5:39 am
temperatures are starting off with 70s by the coast so enjoy it while you can because things will be changing by the weekend. we'll see a good 25 degrees don't by sunday and monday. reaction to the earthquake which could be felt across the new england state. for you are the last person and the president came out swinging last night in a fiery debate. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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. good morning to you, welcome back, the capsized cata moran has been towed and it appears the boat's mast was destroyed when it flipped over yesterday. the oracle team will pull the boat out of the water as the sun comes up. they arrested a criminal during an overnight crash. he was in an suv which hit a tree in front of a restaurant during a police chase. the suspect reportedly jumped in after crashing a car he stole from two people in antioch. and next thursday, occupied oakland is planning a protest to mark one year since police cleared out their encampment at oakland city hall. they are also investigating flyers circulating encouraging violence against the occupied protest. president barack obama and
5:43 am
mitt romney end gauged in a heated town hall debate, they are at the site of the debate and noticed a difference in his performance this time around. >> reporter: good morning, pam, yes a big difference. last night's debate looked a lot different and the candidates were both feisty and this morning, the day after, both sides are spinning it to their advantage. >> reporter: the running mates are weighing in after last night's matchup. >> mitt romney are offering people a concrete vision of how he has the experience to crow the economy which is why i think he won the debate. >> i thought it was incredible that governor mitt romney had nothing but a sketchy response. >> they have yet to come up with a single solitary specific. >> he had a stark contrast to
5:44 am
his debate performance two weeks ago. >> when he said 47% of the country consider themselves victims, who refuse personal responsibility, think about who he was talking about. >> reporter: mitt romney held his ground calling the president a failed leader. >> people in the middle-class will see $4,000 a year higher taxes as a result of the borrowing and spending of this administration. >> and the administrations stops to the attack in libya which killed four americans including the u.s. ambassador. >> the day after the attack, governor, i stood in the rose garden and i told the american people and the world we would find out exactly what happened, that this was an act of terror. >> it took the president 14 days before he called the act
5:45 am
an attack. >> reporter: they took a poll and they found the majority of the people who watched felt the president won by a slim gin, how -- slim margin. however mitt romney won on more important fronts like the economy and next time it will be foreign policy as well as that isnal debate. it was felt as far away as connecticut. >> i was eating and i felt the door shake in its frame. >> it shook a little bit in my laptop, because it bouncing on the table. >> the strongest earthquake
5:46 am
since 2006, 104.2 magnitude earthquake hit. another earthquake hit the bay area in an 69 and tomorrow they are expected to drop cover and hang on. they say it will take place at 10:18 tomorrow morning. your time 8:46, there is still no sign of a man with dementia. he has wandered off before and his family usually finds him quickly. he is 5 feet 9 inches tall, ways 160 pounds, has gray hair and walks with a limp.
5:47 am
>> they are honoring chris stevens. family members, dignitaries and many others gathered paying tribute to chris stevens. he was killed on september 11th, on what is now being called a terrorist act in benghazi. they spoke there along with with familiar members. it was attribute your mother is and it is a very big deal of who your brother is and we had the very best. >> he was also there speaking and he apologized with the attack and he credited him with the change. that means major color. people in the south bay will be required to dial 1 plus the air
5:48 am
code for all local calls. people dialing 7 digit will get on to 880. >> yes, sir, dave, pam, i am doing well and we are happy to say, on a wednesday, kind of like the weather starting off mild, no major problems on interstate 880, the road work is there, that was incorrect for me to say, the word none is there. matt matt bridge. and this morning's commute continues to look good, 5:49 let's go to steve. thank you, partly cloudy skies, mostly showers in the
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area, 72 degrees at game time and we are focusing on to st. louis and most of them look to be driving to the north. it will be dusty and sunshine and warm 80s, warm to hot here, we have a fire danger and that takes us out to vacaville and valley stockton as well. northwest 23 in sack tow. having aville. 70 degrees and if it does it will blast passed the core casted highs. but we are a lot cooler than yesterday, that is for sure, air mass is dry and we will allow that temperature to settle in. everything is going up over the ridge of help and however our
5:50 am
forecast model says, big changes, our first one from the north, 70s and 80s with that north wind and that's the highest i have seen so far. windy and the hills, out to 90s, 70s and 80s coast and bay. santa cruz will be warm to hot but that cooling trend starts friday and it will be much cooler. apple is sending out invitations for what is set. we have a little more to show you and it is a big hint that apple will unveil the ipad minute -- mini. the numbers will give them more
5:51 am
controls after adding new information. this is interesting. partnering on a new line of beauty drinks that will be sold in french pharmacies, the drinks will be a mix of mineral water fruit juice additives -- juice and additives. it will help them loose weight and it looks to go beyond soda and obesity. interesting. it sits high on top of a bay area mountain but does it have a future. why a radar tower should stay or did. >> that was the real live seen of a deadly shooting rampage.
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. good morning skies are clear, it will be sunny and warm today. all right, steve, the victims of the deadly shooting are suing the theater. they claim negligence on behalf of the theater directly led to the shooting. they also allege they should
5:55 am
have had better security is because that theater had been the siting of assaults before. this by the way is the 7th and since mark could not have foreseen the attack coming. they raided the facility which right at the center of a deadly fun gallon meningitis outbreak. the scene in framingham massachusetts is the first sign they are getting ready. contaminated have been connected to 17 deaths and 214 people have been sick. federal investigators will be at the site of a small crash on half-moon bay. it was found a mile and the pilot was killed in the crash. his name has not yet been
5:56 am
released. no passengers were found on board but they believe it is the same one missing since last week. the district is looking at two options to give preservations to raise enough money. one option is at a cost of $1,000. -- 14,000 dollars. the other would erect a fence at a cost more than $75,000. >> let's check in with sal on 2 . it is a little bit slow but not here at the critical point of 880. it is already getting slower on cupertino but nothing major. 680 southbound and one of those freeways looks good out to fremont. we are off to a decent start and we will be right back with more traffic and weather very
5:57 am
soon, let's go back to dave and pam. photo i.d.s for undocumented immigrants. san francisco could be next. plus rough water for the oracle team after their america's cup boat capsized on san francisco bay. good morning temperatures will warm up fast and we will have those warm forecasted highs in just two minutes.
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. well, good morning to


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